Renovating your home with a new countertop is no task to be taken lightly.

As a proud homeowner, one should have the right to choose not only a countertop made with the most durable materials and visually appealing stones. While some might think that asking for both means asking too much, that is no longer the case.

A quartz countertop is and will always be one of the best choices for every homeowner. It is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting while remaining on the affordable side of things.

About The Material

Quartz, sometimes referred to as quartzite, is a hard and crystalline material often found inside sedimentary rocks.

Being one of nature’s most durable materials, it is resistant to both mechanical and chemical weathering. This property well-translates into any homeowner’s needs when being used as a crafting material.

Thanks to its natural-made crystal patterns and colour diversity, it has many styles to choose from and is widely considered a gorgeous gemstone.

How Quartz Countertops are Made & Cared For

After going over a process involving high heat and pressure to combine ground quarts with synthetic resins, any piece of quartz can be used as material to build a hard and excellent countertop. Surprisingly, the qualities that make quartz what it is are kept untouched once this process is over and are notably present within the countertop itself.


Originating from highly durable and resilient materials and the addition of quality resins, any quartz countertop will be able to demonstrate a marvellous amount of resistance towards any contemplated use. It will do more than well against scratches and stains, only needing regular soap and water to clean when needed.

The use of different quartzite pieces means that every countertop will come with its own unique and astonishing design. Many won’t even tell whether it’s a natural stone or a human-made one.

And with a price range of $59 – $140 per square foot, one can easily call it a great deal.

Finding a Quartz Countertop Supplier in the NJ and NYC area

Purchasing a quartz countertop is an investment that can heavily influence the visual, emotional and monetary value of your home, and we understand that.

At Tristatestone, we offer services as countertop fabricators and installers. We promise to complete, deliver, and install any quartz countertop of your liking.

We proudly consider ourselves among the best in the business around the NJ and NYC areas.

Are you ready to see for yourself? Browse our completed job gallery and see the high level of craftsmanship we offer and read testimonials of satisfied clients on our website.

We will work with you to make your home better. Contact us today!

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