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Marble – the shining stone

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What is Marble?

Marble originated thousands of years ago when the layers of carbonate rocks (specifically limestone and dolomite) lying beneath the earth’s surface were exposed to intense geothermic heat and the internal pressures of geological movements and recrystallized into the beautiful natural stone we know today.

The beautifully colored veins and swirls that are one of the most striking features of marble result from impure mineral particles such as sand, clay, silt, chert and iron oxide that existed as layers or grains in the limestone or dolomite prior to its metamorphosis. As the carbonate rocks transformed into marble, these impurities were destroyed but left behind their mark in the form of striations and patterning that makes marble such an attractive natural stone to use in interior and exterior decor.

Green-veined marble results from either dolomite that originally contained silica impurities or limestone containing a high percentage of magnesium. There is also a wide array of other colors of marble, ranging in tone from yellow, pink, bronze, blue, beige, grey and black. The whitest marble results from the metamorphosis of limestone in its purest form, with few or no impurities.

Half of the world’s marble comes from Italy, China, India and Spain.

Characteristic of Marble as a Construction Material & Fabrication

The great beauty of marble is that no two slabs are ever quite alike. It is a relatively soft natural stone and so is ideal for shaping into different forms – which is why it has proved such a popular material for sculpting over the centuries.

If you are looking for a uniquely coloured marble, browse our gallery or call our toll-free no. (973) 344-7220. We have a wide range of striking colours. Our fabricators’ design, fabricate, supply, and install unique marble countertops and surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, other residential & commercial premises in New Jersey, New York & nearby areas.

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