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Are you thinking of installing beautiful marble and other natural stones for your kitchen, bathroom, or interior and exterior décor? Then Tri-State Stone is the company for you. We are reliable marble fabricators in NJ, NY, CT, and PA.

You can browse through the gallery of marble photos on our website or drop into our Newark and West Long Beach showrooms to check out our high-quality marble slabs.

How We Help

We are also the marble suppliers in NJ and other areas. Our fabricators' design, fabricate, supply, and install unique marble countertops and surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, other residential & commercial premises in New Jersey, New York & nearby areas. We have a wide range of striking colors. Please call our toll-free +1 (973) 344-7220 or +1 (732) 870-6900 for any questions.

Stone residentially & commercially
Stone residentially & commercially
RED Stone for residentially & commercially
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What is Marble

Marble formed thousands of years ago when layers of carbonate rocks (mainly limestone and dolomite) under the earth's surface were exposed to tremendous geothermic heat and the internal stresses of geological movements and recrystallized into the stunning natural stone. Half of the world’s marble comes from Italy, China, India, and Spain.

Marble's vibrant veins and swirls are caused by impure mineral particles such as sand, clay, silt, chert, and iron oxide that existed as layers or grains in the limestone or dolomite before metamorphism. These impurities were removed when the carbonate rocks turned into marble, but they left their imprint in striations and patterns.

Green-veined marble is formed from either dolomite with silica impurities or limestone with a high concentration of magnesium. Marble comes in various colors, including yellow, pink, copper, blue, beige, grey, and black. The finest marble is produced by metamorphosing limestone in its purest form, with few or no impurities.

Characteristic of Marble as a Construction Material & Fabrication

No two marble slabs are ever quite alike, giving a one-of-a-kind appearance. Since it is a relatively soft natural stone, it is ideal for shaping into different forms.

Green Stone for residentially & commercially