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What Does Granite and Marble Fabrication Cost?

Everyone wants the best deal they can possibly get for a natural stone project. In your search, you will probably come across various granite fabricators NY whose prices vary across the board, and it can be quite confusing why there are such huge rate differences between marble fabricators NJ. Natural stone prices vary drastically because of any factors, and it pays having an insight into how NJ marble and granite are priced so you can better understand why fabrication for your natural stone fabrication costs as much.

NJ granite and marble fabrication costs can be typically broken down into several categories, including materials, actual fabrication, template, installation, and profit. Material will most likely make up the highest percentage of the final price of your project, especially when choosing rare and hard to harvest stones. Other stones that abound in quarries are naturally cheaper because they are easier to procure and access. Nevertheless, if you want a granite or marble finish for your project, expect marble fabricators NJ to have a higher asking price, owing to your material of choice, which don’t come such high quantities.

Labor also takes a good portion of your pricing quote for a fabrication. Granite fabricators NY will price you depending on other specific details like edge profiles, backsplash, sink cutouts, polishing, and other such project details that are specific to your custom fabrication. NJ granite and marble fabricators that use machines to shape and cut material typically offer lower pricing than those who craft and complete the project by hand.

Price variations may also be due to factors like overhead costs of shop operations. For instance, a shop that stays compliant with industry guidelines and safety standards as well as those that provide their staff and employees the right insurance and benefits will definitely have a higher, but still competitive rate. The advantage to using suppliers and fabricators that ensure compliance to industry standards and guidelines is that you are sure about the quality of their work and are protected from losses and liability throughout the entire duration of the project. They help see their clients through problems that could arise from the fabrication and installation.