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Walkway Design Ideas by Expert Stone Fabricator

Your walkway design can significantly improve the overall look and curbside appeal of your home. Walkways can add ambiance to outdoor landscapes and make your outdoor paths safer and more pleasant to walk in. Natural stone walk paths are especially inviting, allowing you to create beautiful paths and functional passageways to different areas of the home—from your doorstep to the backyard, or perhaps the garden or deck. Stone fabricators NYC recommend natural stone for these kinds of applications, as they offer innate beauty, functionality, and durability that other materials simply cannot replicate. Here are some design ideas and tips from expert stone fabricators NYC that you can follow when planning your own outdoor walkway installation:

  • Consider the location of your outdoor walkway. Just as stone walkways can add to the overall aesthetics of your home, they also ought to be functional. Some ideal locations for outdoor walk paths include the front yard, which creates a warm entrance to the front door; the side yard, which allows for easy access to the side of the house for taking out trash or accessing the garage; as well as the backyard, which creates a pathway from your patio area or deck all the way to your garden, outdoor kitchen, or any other backyard feature.
  • Outdoor walkway styles and designs can take many forms, depending on your home and yard’s layout. Consult your landscaper or walkway installer in terms of the best style to fit the area you are working with. walkways can range from a straight foot path to a curved or winding walkway. They can be as simple and plain as series of stone tiles or as ornate as an intricate mosaic of differently colored stone and pavers.
  • The type of stone to use is also an important consideration, especially when expecting heavy foot traffic. Some excellent materials you can choose from include brick and concrete, as well as natural stone like limestone, slate, granite, marble, travertine, and sandstone.

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