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Top 3 Uses of Marble You Probably Never Knew About

Practically everyone with interest in kitchen remodeling in New York- and anywhere else in the world for that matter- has heard about marble countertops. In fact marble countertops and granite countertops are arguably the two most popular uses of natural stone in home construction projects. But a quick tour of any of the marble fabricators in NYC will quickly reveal that this is not all that marble can be used for. It may be the most popular but it is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Marble has been used since the times of ancient civilizations and some of those ancient uses have still survived to date. This is because marble has some qualities that make it uniquely suited for such purposes. For instance, its beautiful, skin-like color and texture give it a beautiful and stylish finish that makes it look even more beautiful. It is also a relatively soft material that continues to harden and become tougher over time. This means that it is relatively easier to mine and shape but eventually becomes tough and long lasting. Which is why it is so popular as a construction material and has been for years.

The best example of how beautiful and long lasting marble actually is can be found in the Taj Mahal. This building has a massive dome made of marble and is considered one of the marvels of ancient architectural design yet it still remains one of the strongest domes of its kind to date. Of course marble fabrication is much harder to fabricate these days and more expensive so you do not expect to see any similar domes being built anytime soon. The soft texture of marble makes it easier to shape and that quality has made it a popular material for sculptures all over the world.