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Reasons Why Quartz is Top in Countertops

Quartz is a beautiful and versatile stone with extensive application in interior design. Center tabletops, backlit designs, dining table tops, you name it, and quartz just fits. However, the most typical application lies in kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Features like ultra-durability, minor maintenance, elegance, and striking style have made quartz the most preferred countertop material surpassing old favorites like marble and granite.

Let’s look at the key reasons why quartz countertops are reigning homeowner and designer wishlists.

Elegant and stylish

Whether you are looking for an opulent décor or a subtle conservative style, quartz countertops are ever sophisticated and stylish. From classic to contemporary theme, vibrant to rustic style, quartz’s smooth finish, and rich colors exude a luxury touch to every décor.

Extensive designs and colors

When it comes to colors and designs, quartz will spoil you for choices. Unlike the monotonous grey, black, and green natural stones, quartz has a vibrant array of soft and bold shades to elevate your home interior. So whichever decor theme you are planning, you will easily find a shade of quartz to compliment your aesthetics. There are standard speckled earthy tone designs, the organic pattern featuring visual textures and mottled colors and veining shapes, a wide array of designs to select from.

Won’t break your budget

Despite a long list of advantages, quartz countertops would not burn a hole in your pocket. With the strength of granite and elegance of marble, quartz countertops are priced a tad less. Whatever your financial plan, your quartz supplier would provide you an option in your budget.


One of the best features of quartz is its incredible resilience.  If you want a countertop that resists stains and doesn’t crack or chip easily, then a quartz countertop is the answer.  With an amazingly sturdy surface, quartz is the best choice for heavy-duty chefs and families with small children and pets.

Easy maintenance

Besides aesthetics and low costs, quartz countertops ace in ease of maintenance as well. With high heat and stain resistance, they are pretty stress-free to take care of. Unlike granite, they do not require sealing or any special care.  Their non-porous nature fends off bacteria and molds, making them clean, germ-free, and highly hygienic.

A perfect countertop is the focal point of any kitchen, and it is crucial to select the suitable material for it. Reach a reputable natural stone supplier today to choose the best quartz for your kitchen countertop. If you think natural stones are your answer to timeless, sophisticated interiors, visit Tristate stone. We are a one-stop place for all your natural stone requisites. We offer a wide range of natural stones suiting every budget, expert craftsmanship to define your stones, and dedicated maintenance services to make your experience pleasant and hassle-free.