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Natural versus Culture Stone Fireplaces- Which Is the Best Option?

There are few things that create and portray comfort in the home half as well as fireplaces and in a city like New York where floor space is already a luxury people would give anything to get one. So if you live in the city and have the opportunity to build a fireplace then you should take advantage and make sure you install the best fireplace possible. And one of the biggest decisions that you going to have to make is whether to install a natural stone fireplace or one made from cultured tone. Cultured stone, in this context refers to man-made stone that is mechanically produced through artificial processes while natural stone is tone that forms naturally over millions of years. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages both of which you should consider closely before you decide on which one to go for.

In terms of the installation costs, many granite fabricators in NY and marble suppliers in NY will tell you that in the short term it does cost much less to install a cultured stone fireplace as compared to a natural stone fireplace. However, you have to also remember that natural stone is extremely durable and a natural stone fireplace will definitely outlast one made out of cultured stone. In addition, having been subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure over millions of years while being formed, natural stones are tougher and more resistant to heat which is the leading cause of damage for cultured stone fireplaces.

Natural stone fireplaces give the impressions of class and sophistication because of their inherent exquisite beauty. Cultured stones, on the other hand, can often look like cheap imitations of their natural counterparts and could have the opposite effect of making your fireplace appear cheap.