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Marble Or Granite- Which One Should You Go For?

Marble or granite? This is the biggest question that most people considering natural stone countertops usually have to answer before beginning any remodeling or construction project. It is an open secret that the two are definitely the most popular types of countertops and this popularity is due to their unique qualities. Most of the marble fabricators and granite fabricators in NJ  agree that home owners in the country are split between the two and many are usually confused about which one to go for. The fact is that each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages both of which have to be weighed carefully before the final decision is made and we explore them below.


Marble has a luxurious appearance in its natural form and most home owners prefer it because it gives the home a sophisticated and prestigious look which increases its value. It is also heat resistant and its ever cool surface makes it ideal for bakers who are always in need of such surfaces to place pastries, pie crusts and other baked foods. They come in a wide range of colors which gives buyers a much wider field of choice. However, it is not without its drawbacks and the biggest one is that it is softer than granite which means that it is more vulnerable to marring and scratching than granite.


Granite is a special type of volcanic rock formed over thousands of years under intense heat and pressure. The result of the formation process is that no two slabs of granite are ever exactly alike and this means that every granite countertop is unique and special. It also means that granite is available in a very wide variety of colors and textures, not to mention that it hardens the rock making it resistant to heat and scratching. On the downside, it is a porous rock and therefore needs to be sealed in order to prevent staining.