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How to Retain the Shine on Marble Tiles

Who wouldn’t love to stay or live in a house that has sparkling marble tiles? The answer is no one, the lavish nature of marble tiles makes every home owner to contact natural stone suppliers near me to ask for the best marble tiles. But as the tiles glitter and creates a noble aesthetic look, they need proper maintenance for them to keep shinning. Below are some of the ways you can keep your tiles up to the extraordinary standards as you also retain their quality.

Use the Appropriate Marble Sealers

As you are in your house with friends, you may spill fluids and other kinds of materials that could stain your tiles. If there are no sealers, stains will be spread all over the place and your tiles will no longer be shinning. Stones like granites, soapstone, and travertine can work to absorb all fluids and stains so that your tiles don’t get compromised.

Polish Your Marble Floors

When you leave your marble tiles unpolished for long, they not only accumulate dirt but also their absorbency rate is increased. It will reach a point when your tiles will not be shinny and you will not be able to revive their attractiveness. Marble suppliers in NJ can provide you with efficient tile polishing materials and still safe to your tiles.

Don’t Let Spills Stay on Your Tiles

The small drops of wine, tea, juices and other fluids that you keep ignoring are the ones that will intensify the dirtiness and you will have to call for professional cleaners. If you develop a habit of wiping spills immediately and do general cleaning on daily basis, you will live to see your floors sparkling. Marble fabricators in NYC can retrieve the shininess of your floors if they have been completely affected.

When Cleaning Use a Soft Rug and Safe Detergents

Many people like scratching their tiles with brush or other materials that are rough and tough with an intention to eliminate all the dirt. NJ’s marble and granite industry insiders recommend that you use a soft material because hard materials tend to bleach your tiles and make them fade with time. The detergents should be designed for cleaning tiles so that they don’t corrode or bleach your tiles. Keep a mat on your door so that people from outside can wipe off dust, mud and water before they enter your house.

Proper cleaning and regular maintenance is what will uphold the sparking appearance of your marble tiles.