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How to Estimate the Cost of Natural Stone Installation

Granite counter tops and marble floors are just but a few of the natural stone surfaces that most homeowners would love to have but are kept away from by their perceived costs  which many  assume to be prohibitively high. But the fact is that they are not quite as expensive as you may have been led to believe. The exact cost will usually be determined by the nature of the material alongside other factors and knowing these factors can help you minimize the cost. Dekton wall panels and dekton facades, for instance, generally have standard prices and the costs will usually just depend on how much space you want to cover when you install them. Other factors that will dictate the total costs include the following.

  • Your location

    I have found that looking for natural stone suppliers near me is more cost effective because the suppliers will usually factor transportation costs into their final estimates and the closer you are the lower those costs will be. If you are looking for imported stone then you will have to pay less if you are near a sea port than if you are far away from one. This is why stone fabricators in NYC and similar places can charge as they do for their services.

  • Local versus imported stone

    If, for instance, you go to an NJ marble and granite supplier and you are looking for Blue Bahia then you can expect to pay more compared to someone who is just looking for white granite. This is because Blue Bahia is a special type of granite imported from Brazil and the suppliers will have to factor in the importation costs when making your estimate while the white granite is mined locally and therefore not as expensive to buy.