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Granite Fabricator: What to Know When Hiring One

Granite fabricators NY require experience and expertise to ensure proper stone fabrication and installation. Other countertop or flooring materials may be easy to handle and install, but natural stone is a different ballgame. This is why you need stone fabricators NYC and granite suppliers NJ who can provide you with the right experience, expertise, tools, and supplies to ensure high quality work for your home improvement project, be it a new countertop installation or perhaps an upgrade to your flooring.

Poor granite, marble, or travertine installation can cause unsightly gaps, poor edge work, improver support, and uneven leveling on the finished work. This could mean more expensive repairs and re-work, which is why it is best to find trustworthy stone fabricators NYC from the onset of your project to avoid headaches and additional costs in the long run. Here are some things you should know when working with granite fabricators NY:

  • Look for stone quality. When it comes to granite and stone installations, quality is paramount. You don’t want to be paying more for poor quality or low-grade stone. Beware low rates because this may mean lower grade material. This said, high rates don’t always mean quality, so be sure to check on the background of the supplier you are looking at to verify whether or not they offer genuine natural stone products. As much as possible, see the slab you are purchasing and pay your granite suppliers NJ a visit in their showroom so you can inspect their products for quality.

  • Shop for bids from several installers/fabricators. This way, you don’t overpay for the service as you get to compare prices from a number of stone fabricators NYC. Many suppliers will offer you an estimate without charge. Take advantage of this option so you can compare rates from different companies.

  • Look for installers with the right equipment to handle natural stone and create clean cuts from slabs. See their portfolio of work to gauge the quality of service they can provide and choose a company that has the right expertise to ensure high quality work on your own installation.