Dekton Facades

What is Dekton?

Most people in New Jersey and surrounding  cities may not have heard about Dekton because it is a relatively new type of material but it is safe to say that they will all hear about it sooner rather than later. Most of the top stone fabricators in NJ believe that it is one of the fastest growing materials in terms of demand and that over the next few years it will be found in most of the homes in the city. We totally agree with them on this one especially considering the unique qualities of these materials which should prove irresistible to the modern day home owner. So what is it exactly?

First off, Dekton is not exactly what you would call a natural stone even though the materials that go into its formation are similar in nature to those found in quartz and other natural stones. But, while natural stone is usually metamorphosed over time, Dekton is formed using artificial technology. The technology used in the manufacture of Dekton is known as Sinterized Particle Technology and replicates the changes that natural stone undergoes when it is formed naturally. When formed naturally, these stones usually undergo changes that take place over thousands of years as the stones are subjected to high pressure and high temperatures. By replicating these changes in an industrial setting, the stones can be formed much faster and the result is Dekton. So you might say that Dekton is a version of natural stone formed at an accelerated rate.

Where Can Dekton Be Used?

As a strong and beautiful material, Dekton can be used for all manner of surfaces that demand optimal functionality and great aesthetics. Dekton facades and Dekton wall panels are just some of the more popular uses of this material in New Jersey although they can be used for a number of other purposes.