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The Best Ways To Make Granite Countertops Last Longer

We all can agree that granite countertops can perfectly suit a well-designed kitchen. Also, the color and design options you will get when you ask a service provider to customize one will bring out the best in this secluded place in your home. Granite countertops, being lustrous and shiny as a kitchen masterpiece, need proper care though. That is if you want them to last longer and serve their purpose. As a homeowner, you should then know the basics on how to keep them clean to make them last longer.

Wipe up spills fast

Since granite countertops are used in your kitchen, expect that every people in your home will have a use for one. In most instances, though often unnoticed, you use this kitchen structure while having a chit-chat with a family member. It is either you put on a glass of juice or coffee or place a saucer of that delicious chocolate cake atop it while having that late afternoon snack. In these situations, there is always that chance that you may spill something over the edifice. Do not ever wait for that spill to sit there for a long time. Wipe it off immediately by using a piece of soft cloth.

Disinfect it

A part of cleaning granite countertops includes disinfecting them. These pieces are susceptible to bacterial growth and with that said, it is but appropriate to disinfect it from time to time. Again, you have to remember that you should not use any harsh chemicals while disinfecting. You can always find a suitable commercially available disinfectant, those that are specially made for granite countertops. If you want, you can also create a disinfectant solution at home by simply mixing 50% water with 50% of a 91% isopropyl alcohol. Once the solution has been mixed, put it in a sprayer then spray on the countertop and let it stay for at least 3 minutes. From there, you may rinse it off with water and follow with a microfiber cloth to dry the area.

Never use harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals like abrasive sponges and acidic cleaners like lemon, lime and vinegar are a no-no in cleaning granite countertops. Never use disinfectants or household cleansers with bleach and ammonia as well. These chemicals, harsh as they are, will make the granite material lose its luster over time. These can even break down the sealant placed on the countertops. You can always opt to use a combination of warm water and dish washing soap or liquid to wipe off dirt from the structure. Wiping with microfiber cloth will also be of help.

Resealing for damaged granite countertops

It is also important to make sure that the granite countertop has a sealant before you purchase it. Sealants work by protecting the material from water, oil and spill soaking into it. You can test whether or not the material needs to be resealed from time-to-time. All you have to do is make a few drops of water on the surface. If the particles bead up together, no resealing is needed yet but if it soaks into the surface, then resealing should be done.

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