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Advantages of Using Dekton Facades

You must be familiar with natural stones like quartz, marble, and granite that are widely used as construction materials in buildings by interior designers, homeowners, and architects worldwide.

But have you heard of dekton? This material has gained massive popularity since 2013 and is now used for making facades of buildings, kitchen countertops, etc.

But what exactly is a dekton, and what are the advantages of using a dekton facade? Let’s dive into it.

A dekton is a blend of various raw materials like quartz, porcelain, and glass, making it an excellent choice for surfacing and used in facades. Since all the sophisticated materials are synthesized (heated to a very high temperature and compacted), dekton is comparatively a solid material that you can use in construction. Let’s look at some advantages of dekton facades that make it the number 1 choice to be used in buildings.

1. Dekton is a super-strong material that is heat, stain, abrasion, and cut resistant. Dekton holds its own by being completely scratch resistant which makes it an excellent choice for building facades. Building facades are constantly exposed to various weather elements like rain, heat, cold, etc., and dekton aims to bridge the gap and provide a stronger shield against them.

2. Unlike marbles and quartz, or even granite, dekton doesn’t need to be sealed.

3. Compared to natural stones like marbles, quartz, and granite, dekton is comparatively cheaper, which is also why it is an excellent choice for building facades. However, a dekton piece needs professional installation, but the price is more affordable than natural stones.

4. You get a minimum 20-15 years warranty on professionally installed dekton.

And when we consider aesthetics, stay assured dekton countertops or facades are stunning and would undoubtedly upgrade your interior or exterior plan. So, if you are looking for high-grade dekton fabricators and product service in New Jersey and NYC, TriState Stone is your answer. Visit your nearest store now!