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Granite is one of the most demanded countertop materials in areas surrounding New Jersey and NYC. This natural stone has all the properties that add to its beauty and quality when decorating the kitchen counters.

In New Jersey and NYC, many suppliers and fabricators of this natural stone provide a wide range of products to their clients and customers.

When dealing with white granite, the stone fabricators and installers have experienced that white granite is not always purely white. It comes in different shades of cream and grey mixed with white. And also, white granite is not clean white, and it usually has some dots and freckles on it as a design.

There are mainly five types of white granite countertops recommended by granite fabricators and granite suppliers to their clients. The same are listed herein below:

  1. A black freckled design is one of the most popular granite countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms. These, when finished with a bright polish, let the dots shine bright under any light.
  2. Anyone going for warm and aesthetic counterparts can go for the colonial white granite counterpart option. The yellowish base with tiny flecks gives a cozy look under the right light.
  3. Greyish granite with white background also gives a unique look to the place. This type of white granite has some swirls on its top, giving it an attractive appeal to the overall room.
  4. Contemporary toned white granite comes in icy white color, with some grey swirls on the top. This overall, it gives an exact look of an iceberg piece. This type of white granite is also well demanded by its subtle look.
  5. River-like patterned white granite gives the look of cream-colored stone under the light and a greyish tone countertop from a distance. This is one of the best options to go with if someone wants different looks for the kitchen countertop depending on the light.

A great natural stone with the required strength and beauty is how one can describe granite. There is no doubt that this stone is highly recommended by various stone suppliers, stone fabricators, and installers around NYC and New Jersey for the perfect aesthetic look.