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5 Reasons Why Dekton May Be the Right Material for You

Although relatively new compared to most of the other alternative materials, Dekton has been gaining increasing popularity in the US for different architectural applications, particularly for wall and floor covering, because of its many advantages. For starters, it is quite versatile and dekton wall panels and dekton facades are just a few of its most popular applications. Here are other reasons why dekton may be the right material that you have been looking for;

  • It has high mechanical resistance meaning that it does not break easily.

  • It has a high abrasion resistance so it does not scratch as easily as other materials. Although it is not advisable to use acidic or abrasive cleaners when cleaning dekton, it has shown that it is more capable of resisting the kind of abrasion that such cleaners will usually have on other materials.

  • It is resistant to most stains and therefore relatively easier to clean and maintain

  • It has a high UV resistance

  • It comes in Ultra Size, meaning it is arguably the best large format tile available in the market out there today.

Another important advantage worth mentioning is that it comes in a wide range of color making it suitable for different types of applications. From the more classic plain hue color palettes that are ideal for the conservatives to the modern marble veining colors, you get a much wider variety from which to choose. They can also be made to imitate an oxide appearance or even to resemble concrete. This fact is important because it means that the  material can easily be integrated into the echo or overall theme of the rooms or buildings into which they are installed without having to make many significant adjustments to the other elements already present there.