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4 Ways to Protect Natural Stone Countertops

Nothing elevates an interior design better than the grandeur of natural stones. Stones like granite, marble, and quartz blend seamlessly to complement any interior theme, making them the most preferred choice for countertops by interior designers.

Their luxurious touch and natural charm make them distinguished from their artificial counterparts. Though the natural stones are very durable, they require dedicated maintenance and care. Read below for helpful instructions and routines to keep your stone countertops new and shiny for years to come.

  1. Avoid damages

Though natural stones are sturdy and durable, taking extra care is always a good idea, like consistently placing cups on coasters, cleaning the spills immediately, or using a decorative tray on the bathroom top to contain the cosmetics and soaps.

  1. Sealing

Some natural stones are porous. Thus, they readily absorb any liquid and are quite prone to staining. To prevent such damage, it is imperative to seal and reseal your natural stone countertops regularly.

  1. Remove stains ASAP

When it comes to spills, every moment is crucial. Many liquids tend to get absorbed in the stones and dry up on the surface in layers. If not cleaned immediately, these layers are later required to be scratched, damaging the smooth surface.

  1. Only use specific cleaners

The basic rule of natural stone maintenance is using PH-neutral cleaners specially formulated for natural stones. Ordinary cleaners like dish cleaners, detergents, soaps, or glass cleaners can be acidic and detrimental to the finish and polish of the natural stones.

The best part of owning a natural stone countertop is it can be easily repaired, maintained, and sharpened.

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